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RMHMovement is a production company that provides services for artists and companies for stage, television, and film. We are a platform that creatively reawakens how Art can positively impact people, and reaches vast audiences worldwide. RMHMovement's mission is to Empower artists worldwide, and people they touch through their artistry.

As a producer, I aim to inspire, educate, and provide opportunities for artists and people to tell their stories in the entertainment industry worldwide. I want to give individuals a voice with the art I create, and awaken the voice they may have never knew they had. Moreover, providing opportunities for a diverse group and a community of people that will allow them to find their artistic voice; will help shape and translate an array of messages through the versatility of the projects created. It is time to inspire and change lives in this world for the better. I also want to release work that uplift the artists involved in the process. People should shine and thrive in their art. That’s the kind of platform I want to create. A brand and company that people can trust. It is built on integrity and faith, delivers on what it says it is going to do, it gives individuals a voice, and it shares that voice boldly. - Reegan Haynes
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R&B Haynes
Aisha Francis
Sophia Green
Chantel Harley (Unstoppable Players, Inc.)
Jadine R Hill
Vantenia Kelley
Shoshana Kuttner
​Byron Lacuesta
​Wangechi Ojuok

​Star borne Dance Studio
Pete and Star Thelisma
Jessica Thomas
Veronica Tucker
Kewann Williamz
Darrell A Wilmore
Anna Zimowska
1 Heart at a Time
Superior Health Productions, Inc.
The Sattdown
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